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Back Office Administrations

Whilst we supply a vast range of monitor and keyboard arms for EPR, PES and PACS we also have a wide range of non-medical grade monitor arms that are suitable for within back office administrations and office environments. Ergonomic workstations are key to creating a comfortable, productive working environment. A recent installation at a new build children's hospital included the installation of the VisionPro 500 Monitor Arm within the ward reception area. The small foot print of the arm enabled more desk space to be available for other tasks. Additionally the VisionPro 500 allowed individual users to adjust the [...]

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Electronic Patient Record Systems (EPR)

Electronic Patient Record Systems (EPR) have the potential to bring huge benefits to patients and staff and have already been widely implemented in medical environments throughout the UK. Storing and sharing health information electronically can speed up clinical communication, reduce the number of errors and assist doctors in diagnosis and treatment. Patients can also have more control over their own healthcare. Electronic data also has vast potential to improve the quality of healthcare audits and research. Benefits of Electronic Patient Records: Reduction in transcription errors Patients information available whenever needed Real time information results in earlier patient discharges / [...]

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Picture Archiving & Communication (PACS)

MedicalMounts have built a wealth of experience providing solutions across the healthcare spectrum with PACS installations and solutions fast becoming a specialty. PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems) is the digital replacement for the hard copy film processing and storage systems that have been in use for the past 100 years. By using a near film-less process PACS allows images to be stored, viewed and transferred for a fraction of the cost of the old film system. Benefits of Picture Archiving & Communication Systems: Vast improvements to waiting times for images to be processes Contributing to the government targets of the NHS [...]

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Patient Entertainment Systems (PES)

MedicalMounts' products are ideal for Patient Entertainment Systems (PES). They provide patients with the ability to access live and on demand entertainment services whilst in the comfort of their own bed or sitting in a side chair. Both sitting and laying positions are catered for when using an adjustable monitor or tv mount. It’s evident that Patient Entertainment has change un-recognizably over the last 30 years. It’s not uncommon for each patient now to be provided with a television, tablet or all in one PC that can support a wide range of services including (but not limited too) Live [...]

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