MedicalMounts’ products are ideal for Patient Entertainment Systems (PES). They provide patients with the ability to access live and on demand entertainment services whilst in the comfort of their own bed or sitting in a side chair. Both sitting and laying positions are catered for when using an adjustable monitor or tv mount.

It’s evident that Patient Entertainment has change un-recognizably over the last 30 years. It’s not uncommon for each patient now to be provided with a television, tablet or all in one PC that can support a wide range of services including (but not limited too) Live TV, Video on Demand, Films, Telephone Services, Books and Educational resources about their treatment.

PES Applications

Healthcare entertainment expert Matthew K. Barker from TeleHealth explains, “At home, the average consumer has the TV on between six to eight hours a day, in the hospital, that number jumps to between 11 and 13 hours, providing a great touch point for hospitals to engage patients in their care, and for hospitals to utilize a quality entertainment platform to differentiate their offerings from other local healthcare options.

However, many UK NHS trusts have decided to provide their own solutions rather than source third party pay per view products. This allows trusts to fulfil their government directed obligations whilst not forcing patients to buy into expensive pay per view contracts.

Installation of our mounting arms will be tailored to best suit the existing building structure, bed plans and clinicians activities. We can mount the TV or monitor from the wall, ceiling or in some cases up from the floor.

Benefits of Patient Entertainment Systems:

  • Increased patient viewing choices
  • Patients are more relaxed in wards
  • Patients experience a greater sense of well being
  • User adjustable mounting solutions
  • AV distribution scalable to meet client needs

The Double Elite Monitor Wall Mount installed on the wall behind the patients head board allows viewing in both sitting and laying position from the bed as well as in a seated position at the bedside. Able bodied patients can easily re-position the TV screen without the assistance from medical staff via the gas assisted TV arms. The TV screen can be extended out fully from the wall for viewing and then folded / stowed flat to the wall when not in use. Clinicians requiring speedy access to the patient can clear the TV screen and arm from in front of the patient to a folded position within seconds.

New build wards can also benefit from further space saving by ceiling mounting the TV screen above the patient. The Elite Ceiling Mount installed within a new build children’s ward enabled viewing from both bed and bedside. The TV screen can be re-positioned with ease via the gas assisted TV arm. The ceiling mounted option requires zero wall space so is often ideal for existing wards where wall space is limited or when beds are positioned centrally in the room.

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