Paramotion Dual Monitor ArmWhilst we supply a vast range of monitor and keyboard arms for EPR, PES and PACS we also have a wide range of non-medical grade monitor arms that are suitable for within back office administrations and office environments. Ergonomic workstations are key to creating a comfortable, productive working environment.

A recent installation at a new build children’s hospital included the installation of the VisionPro 500 Monitor Arm within the ward reception area. The small foot print of the arm enabled more desk space to be available for other tasks. Additionally the VisionPro 500 allowed individual users to adjust the height, reach and angle of the monitor with ease. Users simply hold the monitor lift / lower and then release. The monitor is held in position via the internal gas cylinder which also reduces the amount of force required to reposition the monitor.

Much of the EPR and CRM software used by hospital administrations can often require more than one screen to operate effectively. Users of even the most basic software applications can benefit from working off multiple monitors as common applications such as email can be left open to run on one screen whilst less common of more complicated tasks can be viewed on additional screens.

MedicalMounts provide a wide range of options for supporting multiple . The Paramotion Dual Series (EMPMA212S) shown here is the dual horizontal version of one of our most popular products for administrations, The Paramotion. This solution allows users to easily adjust height reach and tilt of each individual monitor. The monitors are attached to the desk via a desk clamp or bolt through desk fitting (both supplied). Not only is the user provided with the ability to position the monitors at the height and reach to suit themselves but with the added benefit of reducing the footprint taken up on the desk. Both monitors are mounted off a single desk clamp fitting.

The VisionPro and Paramotion series are a just a fraction of the mounting solutions we can provide for non-medical grade applications. Contact us to find out more.