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How To Sit Comfortably At Your Desk

If reducing work place stress and looking after yourself is a priority start with your desk.  Bad office ergonomics and long hours of sitting in front of computer screens can lead to joint pains or much worse. Orlagh Deegan is a qualified VDU / DSE Assessor who carries out work place assessments and also trains employees to become in-house assessors has the following advice Start with your chair. Does it provide good lumber support? It should have a 5 castor base and features should include adjustable seat height, back rest and arms. Not only should the back move up and down but you [...]

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Can Technology Help the NHS Winter Rush

Each and every time the temperatures begin to drop, the demand on our hospitals begins to rise and headlines start to be dominated by the phrase “winter pressures”. A&E departments become overwhelmed, hospital beds become full, and clinicians often struggle to deliver the high-quality care that is their constant aim. Last time around things got so bad that the chief executive British Red Cross spoke of a “humanitarian crisis”. It is a phrase more commonly associated with natural disasters or war, but it does give a sense of just how overwhelmed NHS emergency services have become. No-one expects this [...]

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5 Secrets To New Years Resolution Success

Whether you're looking to loose weight, give up smoking or just get a little healthier 86% of adults set themselves a New Years Resolution on the 31st of December. But, did you know that only 15% manage to actually keep up with their resolution for longer than a month. That's why we've spoken to some leading medical proffesionals to come up with a list of our 5 best tips and tricks for this year! 1. Get your priorities straight. Every year, I set a few goals, but I use a tier-like system. At the top are goals I absolutely [...]

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