Looking for somewhere to read interesting thoughts and ideas from the medical and healthcare sector?  We’ve put together a list of the best healthcare blogs for 2018. They range from the very personal to the informative we have a blog that’ll match your taste it doesn’t matter whether you’re a struggling medical student or thriving healthcare professional.

General Healthcare Blogs

MD.com Blog

The MD.com Blog contains a myriad of health and wellness topics that are contributed by board-certified physicians themselves. Together with the MD.com editorial staff, the Md.com Blog provides readers with helpful information regarding plastic surgery, skincare treatments, and the underlying conditions that require such procedures. With useful content from professionals themselves, readers can be assured of valuable content that they can learn from.

The Doctor Weighs In

Starting as a blog that discusses obesity and weight loss, The Doctor Weighs In has expanded to be a valuable resource on all things healthcare—covering medicine, psychology, neurobiology, exercise, fitness and health tech. The Doctor Weighs In aims to lead in terms of providing reliable, high quality content to anyone who seeks cutting-edge information about health and innovation.

Better Health

Better Health prides itself in providing “smart health commentary.” With the site’s wide array of informative articles, videos, and audio files about healthcare services, Better Health is a useful tool to guide both patients and medical professionals in the field. Aside from news articles about the latest healthcare trends, readers can also expect professional opinion and health tips from the pros themselves.

Doctor’s Personal Blogs

Dr. John M

Dr. John M is a medical blog owned and managed by John Mandrola, MD, who loves sharing his knowledge about a wide range of medical topics, such as cardiology, electrophysiology, endurance sports, and anything about health. A man with a passion for learning, Dr. John M also introduces his readers to the doctoring life. The blog does not aim to be an online encyclopedia, but merely a valuable resource based on the doctor’s experiences and expertise.

Diary of a Caribbean Med Student

Being a medical student is not all that hard, and Caribbean Med Student Benji Ho proves that in his online diary. The blog not only talks about his experiences pursuing medicine, but also provides a list of valuable notes for students in various aspects of the field. The Diary of a Caribbean Med Student reaches readers on an educational and personal level, making it a great resource for students and healthcare professionals alike.


Medaholic has gone a long way from being a medical student’s personal blog to being a useful resource for students on their journey through medicine. Specifically, the site shares relevant information that guides students on their road to surviving as a premed student, passing the MCAT, understanding med school life, and getting through residency to becoming a full-fledged doctor. From inspiring stories to informative articles, Medaholic best describes the med student life.

Danielle Ofri

Physician and associate medical professor Danielle Ofri shares her vast knowledge and expertise in the field of medicine through her informative website. Particularly, the Articles and Media section makes a fulfilling treasure chest of up-to-date articles, videos, audio, reviews, and interviews concerning medical advancements and healthcare trends at present. Ofri extends her knowledge from her published books to online readers through this great resource blog.

Mind on Medicine

Mind On Medicine is written and curated by both a mother and doctor as she works her way through life in the most balanced manner possible. The author started Mind On Medicine sharing her journey through the medical field, yet eventually, it has become the voice of many medical students and residents. In Mind On Medicine, readers will enjoy reading various posts that range from some really serious health information to a silly story about a struggling mother and her wild kids.

Atul Gawande

Site owner Atul Gawande is a renowned surgeon, author, and public health researcher who desires to spread relevant articles about the medical field and its advancements through time. In his blog, Gawande shares important events concerning healthcare and medicine as a career. Moreover, Gawande sparks discussions as he voices his opinions on certain health trends and shares his continuous research to the world.

DB’s Medical Rants

DB’s Medical Rants cover educational ideas that come from Dr. Robert M. Centor, an academic general internist and medical campus regional dean. Having enjoyed blogging since 2002, Centor started airing his thoughts through what was initially a non-medical blog, until he did more linking than philosophizing. His stand on healthcare and medicine provokes readers’ thoughts in a good way and sparks discussions with others.

Dr Mike Sevilla

Dr. Mike Sevilla creates an avenue to share his knowledge and expertise through his unique, informative website. A family physician, Sevilla believes that family physicians are doctors for all ages and health conditions, which is why they are usually the first contacts for any health-related concerns. Just as family physicians are essential, Sevilla’s website fills every reader with rich information on how they can further optimize and protect their health.

Healthcare Websites

Healthcare Economist

Does the country’s healthcare system give you a pain in the neck because of all its complexities? Healthcare Economist gives you the education that you need in a comprehensible, conversational manner. The website tackles all issues relating to healthcare policy and economics, which include the health insurance market as well as important updates and research on the Medicare policy.

Health Pppuli

Health is everywhere — this is the principle that helped shape the Health Populi healthcare blog today. Author Jane shares useful information about health and medicine with this over-arching perspective as backbone. From the politics of healthcare to inspirational stories of healing patients, Health Populi always provides something interesting and informative to its concerned, learned readers.

Healthcare Renewal

There are many issues concerning healthcare that are not often discussed today, and the Health Care Renewal blog tackles those issues in a comprehensive, understandable manner. The blog provides a form of healthy discussion in the online community on threats that surround the very core values of healthcare. Health Care Renewal easily sparks a conversation among healthcare providers and concerned individuals around the world.

Health. Care.

Health. Care. made its way as one of the top 100 best healthcare blogs on the web, and it’s no wonder why. Health. Care. is founded by the solid-surface company known as the EOS Surfaces. Sticking to the company’s vision, the Health. Care. blog provides informative articles, relevant tips, and the latest news about the field of medicine and healthcare. With the variety of blog posts shared regularly in the Health. Care. blog, there’s always something new to learn each day.

Action For Better Healthcare

This hit and top healthcare blog by Premier, Inc., aims to make the online community aware of the important issues surrounding the country’s healthcare system today. With relevant information on healthcare finance, population health, and quality and safety, the company aims to seek for possible solutions to better the system for the sake of quality healthcare for all.

mHealth Watch

What started out as a hobby eventually turned out to be a top mobile marketing blog but also one of the highest ranked in the U.S. today. mHealthWatch offers new information and trends regarding health technology, regulations, security, and its best practices. Also known as the “pulse of the mHealth community, the mHealthWatch provides an avenue for healthy discussions about healthcare through its engaging articles and posts.

Health IT Websites


HealthcareScene.com is a vast resource of medical-related topics that contain over 9,500 articles. Healthcare professionals will enjoy reading informative articles about the EHR and EMR, as well as healthcare IT-related blog posts. Through the years, healthcare has also kept up with the times, applying the latest technologies to further improve the quality of patient care. This blog network keeps readers up-to-date on this aspect.

Orion Health

The Orion Health blog is formed by an award-winning team that continues to be a global provider of essential healthcare information technology, with the focus on advancing population health and accurate medicine solutions to keep healthcare personalized for the entire community. It is known as a knowledge hub of anything that concerns healthcare, presenting it through blogposts, webinars, reports, case studies, and patient stories.


With the mission to provide the most advanced and wide-ranging patient identification solution to increase patient safety while reducing healthcare costs, RightPatient raises awareness through its blog, with relevant articles that tackle medical identity theft, patient safety protocols, and the likes. Generally, RightPatient aims to improve the quality of care through a holistic and safe patient experience.

Digital Health Nexus & Data Innovators Advisory Service

This health blog is spawned by health IT, digital med device inventor, and entrepreneur Shahid Shah, which provides interesting facts and news articles on health in relation to today’s digital world. As we know, technology has become a part of our lives, and what better way to make life better and healthier than to apply digital advancements and IT to healthcare? From cloud computing to health engineering, readers will be filled with a myriad of useful new information.

Blogs For Nurses By Nurses

The Nerdy Nurse

The Nerdy Nurse is consistently included in many lists of top nursing blogs on the internet. Owned and curated by award-winning author, blogger, and registered nurse, Brittney Wilson, The Nerdy Nurse provides a variety of topics, which include nursing issues, healthcare news, technology innovations, and lifestyle topics that concern nurses and healthcare professionals. Even the general public can learn a thing or two about the nurse life and about relevant healthcare issues faced by the country today.

Nursing Crib

Nursing Crib is every nurse’s go-to blog for quick, useful information about their field. It is an educational medium that student nurses and even medical professionals themselves can learn from. Aside from articles about healthcare trends and innovations, the Nursing Crib also has a wide-ranging list of case studies and nursing subjects that students can use as reference to school work and projects.


Created back in 2014, NurseCode.com has since been featured in a lot of online lists for the best nursing blogs on the web. Author Nurse Beth features practical and informative blog posts about nursing, aiming to guide fellow nurses in providing the best patient care possible. Aside from delivering appropriate care, NurseCode.com provides self-help tools for nurses to help them be the best in their jobs and to thrive in their chosen career.

Renee Thompson

Renee Thompson is CEO and president of RTConnections, where she offers seminars, keynote presentations, and consultations to hospitals and the academe. The energetic author and nurse creates a thought-provoking health blog discussing topics about the nursing profession, healthcare, workplace issues, and leadership. The blog is not only a great health resource but an interesting read that medical and non-medical professionals can relate to and learn from.


Hospitals and clinics go through many unimaginable stories each day, and CodeBlog introduces readers to the interesting medical world. This weblog is an avenue for medical professionals to share stories on what really happens at work. Healthcare-related stories continue to spark interest, especially to individuals who are not inclined to the medical field and have no clue what happens behind the scenes.

Accessible Healthcare Institute

Accessible Healthcare Institute lives by the principle of education, raising awareness about healthcare while conforming to the advancements of the digital world. With news relating to all things medicine and healthcare, AHI delivers information through educational webinars. Particularly, the team discusses topics that concern disease prevention and health promotion. The website caters to all professionals and healthcare consumers.

My Strong Medicine

Brutally honest yet not any less true, this Nurse Practitioner Sean Dent shares real-world tips and opinions on how to be the best nurse that you can be. Filled with practical advice and how-tos, My Strong Medicine is a delight to read, especially to those who are still finding their way into this whirlwind of a career. With relevant information delivered in a conversational approach, readers will be delighted in every post.

The Nursing Site Blog

If you want updates on trends, events, and innovations in the nursing field, The Nursing Site Blog is the place to be on the web. Curated by registered nurse Kathy Quan, the blog is a practical resource that brings the latest news concerning nurses. It also contains a list of other relevant blogs and resources that concerned professionals can also learn from.

The Makings of a Nurse

The Makings of a Nurse is where nurse Kristine shares her everyday journey as she becomes the nurse that she has always wanted to be. The blog, which has started as her outlet on her feelings about the highs and lows of nursing, has grown to be a conversation-starter to many readers who share the same feelings as well. There’s much to explore on the site, which makes it an educational and comforting read for all nurses.

Emergency & Paramedic Blogs

The EMT Spot

The EMT Spot is a result of firefighter paramedic Steve Whitehead’s commitment to share his knowledge and experiences as an emergency medical technician. He fills The EMT Spot with the latest trends and news on the EMT field as well as a knowledge library that provides readers educational resource about patient management. Aside from these, The EMT Spot also provides blog posts that approach readers at a more personal level.


GruntDoc is curated by a board-certified emergency doctor, who is fondly known as a grunt. Readers, especially those inclined to the medical field, will learn from his experiences throughout his career. GruntDoc also shares the latest equipment, trends, and techniques in healthcare. Aside from added knowledge, readers will also share a laugh with GruntDoc’s funny anecdotes from working in the emergency department.

Street Watch

Street Watch is home to interesting stories of a paramedic’s daily life. Readers of the blog will experience being out there where the action is during scene calls through the writer’s posts. In Street Watch, readers will both be educated and engaged at the same time with the relevant posts that are based on experience and clear facts, making it an enjoyable read for individuals both in the medical and non-medical field.

Ambulance Driver

The Ambulance Driver himself is not just a paramedic, but also a writer and educator who wants to share his knowledge and experiences to the world. Through this blog, the Ambulance Driver shares his day-to-day journey through the dark streets as he tries to save as much lives as possible. With entertaining stories and informative podcasts regarding the field of EMS, the Ambulance Driver continues to save the day — whether it’s online or offline.

Life Under The Lights

Life Under the Lights is a comprehensive resource that will delight every EMS professional. From the writer’s personal blogroll, where he shares his interesting and fulfilling experiences on the field, to educational ideas about the field of EMS, to patient-friendly jokes that will make us realize that there is also fun in emergency services, Life Under the Lights makes an excellent all-in-one source of relevant information for all medical professionals.


There’s a lot to share when you’re an emergency nurse, and knowing this, Kim McAllister started to write her experiences in the ER for the last six years through Emergiblog. The blog aims to start a discussion among ER nurses regarding their experiences in what seems to be the most hectic department in the hospital. Readers will experience a whirlwind of emotions in every story, which they can either laugh and learn from.

Specialized Medical Health Blogs


GeriPal, which stands for Geriatrics and Palliative care, is an online medium to share the most recent research, news and trends about the field. It does not simply provide relevant information, but also encourages discussion among the general public, aiming to create a harmonious online community interested in both geriatrics and palliative care. This exchange of ideas is a healthy way to air out thoughts and commentaries regarding the clinical practice and the country’s healthcare system.

MGH Center For Women’s Health

The Ammon-Pinizzotto Center for Women’s Mental Health website delves on the critical topic of women’s mental health, which includes healthy discussions of relevant findings and how they are applied in everyday clinical practice. Studies revolving around women’s health are often considered controversial, and this website provides valuable information that help patients and physicians to make the best clinical decisions and generally improve the lives of women and their families.

Melissa Decapua

The brainchild of Microsoft design researcher Melissa DeCapua, the M. DeCapua blog caters to modern psychiatric nurses and medical professionals all over the globe. With relevant, well-researched articles about the healthcare system to helpful stories and experiences of healthcare professionals while on the field, this blog easily turns the concept of healthcare into an interesting subject to learn.

Heart Sisters

Heart disease affects millions of women around the globe every year, and blogger, speaker, author, and health advocate Carolyn Thomas aims to improve their conditions through the best relevant information. Reviewed as the “best heart blog on the web,” the Heart Sisters is a blog for women with heart disease, family members of patients, health professionals and students, and everyone concerned about heart attacks and related cardiac conditions.

Lisa Nelson

As they say, prevention is better than cure, and this can only be achieved by practicing a healthy diet and lifestyle. This is the aim of blog owner and dietitian, Lisa Nelson, who firmly believes of the principle of “food as medicine”. Her blog, which won as best heart disease blog of 2016, fills readers with useful health tips to prevent heart disease and keep the heart healthy and pumping, which involve the consumption of fruits, vegetables, and vitamins.


MTHFR.com is your guide to health, wellness and longevity. The website is operated by MTHFR Doctors. They specialize on genetic reports. In this site, research database about methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase is very accessible. In addition, readers can find awesome recipes beneficial to achieve a healthy body. They also offer MTHFR cheek swab home test kit.

Emergency Dentists

Emergency Dentists is always adding new and informative dental care articles to their library. They meet with dentists, discuss topics they find to be important, and then disseminate that information to everyone online. They are committed to ensuring readers learn everything there is about oral health, so they can do what is needed to keep their teeth and gums healthy.

Healthcare Law, Medical News and Job Boards


There is much to learn from the healthcare field, and HealthBlawg focuses on the legal aspect of the healthcare policy. Blog owner David Harlow shares his perspective on the business issues surrounding healthcare today. Particularly, the blog shares posts discussing the digital health law, healthcare data privacy and security planning, and the likes. Readers will be hooked in every informative article.

Healthcare Law Today

With the aim for constant innovation and improvement, healthcare has always been an ever-changing aspect in the country today. With Healthcare Law Today, readers will be enlightened with relevant news and information on the nation’s healthcare policies and laws. The award-winning top healthcare and best lawyer blog, Healthcare Law Today is a great resource to healthcare professionals, lawyers, and all concerned citizens.

Gap Medics

Gap Medics houses a wide range of interesting facts in the fields of medicine, dentistry, midwifery, nursing, and physician assistance. Its blogposts include essential trends in the medical field as well as relevant news about global health. The blog also includes a section that focuses on careers and education, which makes a useful resource for individuals who are interested to venture into the medical field.

Millenia Medical Staffing

Millenia Medical Staffing is a travel staffing company that provides 13-week travel assignments in health facilities and hospitals all over U.S., which range from both short- and long-term contracts fit for RNs, LPNs, and CSTs or certified surgical technicians and other healthcare providers. Through this website, there’s always a job available in every state for every nurse, complete with the benefits for every worker and forms required.


The medical profession could be such a stress-inducing job, which is how the GomerBlog came to be. Aiming to entertain healthcare professionals and reduce burnout in their jobs, the GomerBlog produces satirical medical news written by a group of comedians who are inclined to healthcare. Aside from articles that typically roast certain medical fields, the blog also has interesting quizzes that help medical professionals to blow off some steam from the pains of work.